Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The $4,000 electricity bill

"The Ontario Green Act promised to create 50,000 jobs. Our study concludes that each of those jobs will require a ratepayer subsidy of $200,000 annually, which effectively means that — as the LTEP reaches fruition — $10-billion will be extracted from ratepayers each year.

For the average ratepayer, an annual electricity bill will escalate from $1,700 per year to $2,800 by 2015 and by the time the renewables envisaged in the LTEP are largely in place (expected in 2018) an average ratepayer will be paying in excess of $4,000 annually — well over a doubling. Put another way Ontario’s ratepayers will be paying in excess of 40¢ per kWh, placing them on a par with Denmark, which suffers the highest cost of electricity in the developed world."


  1. Boycott this monopoly. Cook using charcoal. Put up your own inexpensive solar panels. I'm doing all of the above and my usage is down 75% and dropping. Boycott them until they collapse. I am. Every year I buy more solar panels. End game: off grid. Adios monopoly. Boycott. You can't fix stupid. Turn everything off. Shut them down.

  2. I've been noticing a number of panels missing off of people's arrays. Looks like theft is happening. Real easy to do at night so far from any eyes.


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